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These are a few books we recommend to those who want to know more about lesbian and gay Christians and the church. These books are highly recommend for those seeking to develop or deepening their commitment to Open & Affirming ministry.

Bible Study Resources

  • Claiming the Promise: An Ecumenical Welcoming Bible Study Resource on Homosexuality, Mary Jo Osterman. Reconciling Congregations Program, 1997.

    An in depth study program created by reconciling programs from several denominations. Provides an affirming perspective on Biblical issues. Excellent for a church Sunday School or Bible Study group. To purchase, contact GLAD. More information.

  • Listening to the Spirit: A Handbook for Discernment

    Presents a process of discernment that helps to listen to the Holy Spirit for guidance as we consider the question "What is the gospel message to our church as we relate to gay and lesbian Christians?" This question is addressed through a process that will help Christians approach the issues thoughtfully, theologically, and prayerfully. This resource presents no set answers or preconceived outcomes. Available from Christian Board of Publication (you'll have to search for "Listening to the Spirit"). 

  • What the Bible Really Says About Homosexuality, Daniel A. Helminiak, Ph.D. 1994.

    An in depth study of Romans, placing the scripture deep within its cultural and Biblical contexts.

    Click here to purchase from or Barnes & Noble

Entering Dialog

  • Congregations Talking about Homosexuality, Beth Ann Gaede (ed.). 1998.

    From the Alban Institute, an excellent resource for those working to start a dialog within their congregations. Includes stories of congregational experiences, tips for getting started, and guidelines to keep the dialog constructive.

    Click here to purchase from or Barnes & Noble

    (see also: Listening to the Spirit)

The Church and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Christians

  • Our Selves, Our Souls & Bodies, Charles Hefling (ed.). 1996.

    A collection of essays and reflections from many perspectives, including family, scripture, and theology, but always with a personal, thoughtful touch. Written from the Episcopalian perspective but an excellent book for all Christians.

    Click here to purchase from or Barnes & Noble

  • Homosexuality and Christian Community, Choon-Leong Seow (ed.). 1996.

    Written by faculty from the Princeton Theological Seminary, and thus a bit more academic, but an excellent set of essays on scripture, theology, and faithful Christian practice. Includes an excellent chapter entitled How to Discuss Moral Issues Surrounding Homosexuality When You Know You Are Right.

    Click here to purchase from or Barnes & Noble

  • Homosexuality and Christian Faith, Walter Wink (ed.). 1999.

    A collection of reflections on the Bible, faith, and personal experience. An excellent all-round resource.

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  • Inclusion: Making Room for Grace, Eric H.F. Law. 2000.

Not specifically about lesbian and gay issues, covers the Biblical, theological and practical challenges for the church as we work to include all in our church communities.

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Gay and Christian

  • Reconciling Journey: A Devotional Workbook for Lesbian and Gay Christians, Pepper, Michal Anne. 2003.

A workbook for lesbian and gay Christians who have come to a crossroad in their journey: those who have renounced Christianity but would like to go home, those who have disavowed their sexual orientation but would like to come out, and those who are both out and at home but have lingering questions.

Click here the purchase from Pilgrim Press


  • Coming Out Young and Faithful, Tigert, Leanne Mccall and Brown, Timothy (eds.).  2001.

A collection of stories from gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning teens describing their church experiences.

Click here the purchase from Pilgrim Press

  • Lesbian and Gay Youth: Care and Counseling, Ryan, Caitlin C. and Futterman, Donna. 1998.

A hands-on guide for providing health and mental health care to lesbian and gay youth and young adults providing specific guidelines for care and for approaching such sensitive topics as sexual behavior, substance abuse, and suicide. Also includes an extensive discussion of the social and health effects of stigmatized identity in the context of adolescent development.

Click here to purchase from Columbia University Press

Purchases made through the Amazon and Barnes & Noble links will support GLAD Alliance.

Claiming the Promise

Explores biblical authority and biblical interpretation.
Examines biblical references to same-sex conduct in light of the broader biblical message which affirms that we are children or heirs of the Promise.
Discusses "gracious hospitality," "gift-ed sexuality" and "supportive spirituality."
Tackles hard questions of "right relationship," lust / love, and sexual responsibility.
Calls us all to live out the Promise as reconciling disciples.

Claiming the Promise is published by
     Reconciling Congregation Program (United Methodist)

In Cooperation with
     Affirmation: United Methodists for LG/Bi Concerns
     Association of Welcoming & Affirming Baptists (American Baptist)
     Dignity (Roman Catholic)
     Integrity (Episcopalian)
     More Light Churches Network (Presbyterian USA)
     Open and Affirming Program of the United Church Coalition for L/G Concerns (United Church of Christ)
     Open & Affirming Program of the GLAD Alliance (Disciples of Christ)
     Reconciled in Christ Program of Lutherns Concerned (ELCA)
     Supportive Congregations Network of the Brethren/Mennonite Council

Copies of Claiming the Promise are available from:

Claiming the Promise
GLAD Alliance Inc.
P.O. Box 44400
Indianapolis, IN 46244-0400

Study books are $5.95 each (10 or more are $4.50 each).
The Leader's Guide is $9.95 each.
Shipping and handling is $3.00.
Checks should be made payable to "GLAD Alliance."
All orders of 10 or more books will be shipped book rate unless other arrangements are made.

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