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Council Members and Responsibilities
Most council members serve as liaison to one or more ministry teams, and some have additional council responsibilities.  Click here for more information about our teams.

Please contact whomever you think most appropriate to your need, or e-mail the moderator, David Nickell, at

Steven Baines - Chaplain, Strategic Action Ministry Team Liaison

Patti Case - Vice Moderator, Communications Ministry Support Team Liaison

Tonja Gerardy - Support and Advocacy Ministry Team Liaison

Nelson Gomez - Human Resources and Nominating Support Team Liaison

Sharon Hart - Secretary

Lisa Haley - Discernment Ministry Team Liaison

David Nickell - Moderator, Treasurer, Development and Finance Support Team Liaison

Casey Williams - Open & Affirming Ministry Team Liaison

  Ministry Team Leaders

Discernment - Mark Covey and Karen Barr

Open & Affirming - Rev. Sharon Hart

Strategic Action -

Support & Advocacy -

Communications - Rev. Mark Johnston

Development & Finance - Randy Palmer

Human Resources & Nominating - Rev. David Downing

Nuture and Support

For nurture, support or counsel, you are invited to contact:

If you are a seminarian and looking for nurture, support or counsel, you are invited to contact:

GLAD Area Chapters:
GLAD-Capital Area: Janet Reister, (301) 528-4927
GLAD-Colorado: Cheryl Breiner, (303) 778-6605
GLAD-District of Columbia: Charles Keener
GLAD-Indianapolis: Linda Patrick
GLAD-New York City: Nelson Gomez, (212) 288-3246 -- Leave a message for Nelson at Park Avenue Christian Church. Indicate that you are calling in regard to GLAD and the office staff will see that he returns your call.
GLAD-North Texas Area: Paul Rodgers, (214) 357-1660
GLAD-Northern California: Ken Atchison, (530) 661-1307
GLAD-PSWR (Pacific Southwest Region, including Southern California, Hawaii, and Las Vegas):
David Downing, (619) 282-4012 or (619) 733-1175
GLAD-Hawaii: Vaughn Beckman
GLAD-Puget Sound: Millie Magner, (206) 283-3451

GLAD Regional Contacts:
Calif. North/Nev. NW: Wayne Bennett, (209) 931-2603
Central Rocky Mountain: Cheryl Breiner, (303) 778-6605
Idaho, South: Ron & Carol Blakely, (208) 459-6936
Illinois: Jeff Zimmerman, (847) 675-5856
Indiana: Steven D. Martz, (317) 634-9297
Iowa: Robert Durrwachter, (515) 228-7491
Kansas: Patricia A. Bunton
Michigan: Amy Nowland, (734) 677-0983
Upper-Midwest (IA, MN, SD): Margo Richardson
Missouri (Southwest): Steve Gardner, (417) 865-7075
North Carolina: Susan Jaquith, (252) 291-7370
Northeastern: Mark Johnston, (617) 536-8185; Judith Hoch Wray, (212) 795-2067
Northwest: Liz Lang, (206) 723-7728
Ohio: Mary Martin, (330) 940-2608
Pacific Southwest Region (PSWR) (including Southern California, Hawaii and Las Vegas, NV):
David Downing (619) 282-4012; (619) 733-1175
Paul Rodgers, (214) 357-1660
Karol Cooper, (423) 693-6031; Kim Cornish, (865) 588-5924
Rachel Wilson, (804) 385-9165

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